Critique of the Human Rights Watch report on Nepal Oct 16th, 2015 and suggestions

CCNEPal 2017

“Like We are Not Nepali”

The Human Rights Watch published a 44-page report investigating the killings in Nepal during the Terai Andolan of August-September 2015. The report was accompanied by a press release and a New York Times article to draw the attention of the international community.

Now that I am back in USA, I have been blogging on DailyKOS, a website with a million subscribers, to which I occasionally contribute since 2008.  I’ve been blogging there every day since the petrol crisis began a few weeks back. Here is my reaction to the Human Rights Watch report.

At the end of the Human Rights Watch report, is a list of recommendations. Keep reading to the bottom, because  I will add some items at the end, that I think were overlooked.

Here are the recommendations from HRW:

IV. Recommendations

To the Government and Security Forces

  • Ensure that all security forces…

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