Nepal’s Ignored Crisis

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Pokhara’s usually busy roads were all but empty. The few buses that passed me as I was on my way to work were jam-packed with people sitting precariously on the roof and hanging off the sides. My taxi driver shook his head and tutted under his breath. “No petrol, no petrol.” We passed an empty fuel station. There were hundreds of empty taxis and motorbikes haphazardly parked along the side of the road, lined up for kilometres. The difference seen on the roads mere weeks before was drastic and shocking. It seemed like the first five minutes of an apocalyptic movie, the montage of the beginning of the end. But this is real life.

Nepal went through three weeks of severe fuel shortages, created by an unofficial blockade on the Indian border.  Hundreds of trucks coming from India were halted at the border, preventing fuel, gas and food from entering the…

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