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Tibetan Layover Marred By Girl’s Inconvenient Collapse

A couple travelling from Chengdu, China to Kathmandu, Nepal were surprised to learn they would actually be exiting the plane in Lhasa, Tibet (China), giving them a brief opportunity to set foot on Tibetan soil, or at least some Tibetan all-purpose tile and a few Tibetan decorative carpets. Their overall enjoyment of this unexpected treat was soon derailed, however, when they encountered a Chinese girl standing in the passageway just outside the door of the plane. According to the husband, Dean Johnston, he first noticed her because she was leaning her head against the window, looking “kind of weird”, and he found himself very curious to know what it was she was looking at so intently. As he moved toward her, however, suddenly her suitcase toppled over, surprising him, then immediately she began to collapse toward the floor. Instinctively he caught her and…

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