The Rotary Club of Church and Oswaldtwistle

18 months ago a major project was started by local Rotary clubs which involved installing a water system in the village of Maikot near Gorkha in Nepal. Before the water system was installed the people of Maikot had to collect fresh water from a well at the bottom of the mountain and carry the water up to the village 1 kilometre up the hill.
This problem was seen by a Rotarian and taken up by George Blenkinship the International Chairman of the Rotary club of Church and Oswaldtwistle. Contact was made with the Rotary club of Gorkha to discuss ways to help. The possibility of installing a pump was identified and the President of Gorkha Rotary, who had been a pupil at the school in Maikot village, discussed the idea with the Nepal Government Water Supply Department.
Rotarian George Blenkinship at his own cost travelled to to Nepal to meet…

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