Wandering Around The Monkey Temple: Kathmandu Nepal

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monkey temple7

Designated as UNESCO World Heritage site, Swayambhunath Temple is probably the most sacred among Tibetan Buddhist sites in Nepal and the main destination of pilgrims here.  The temple is popularly known as the ‘Monkey Temple’ because of the hundreds of free-roaming sacred monkeys that traipse along the grounds.  They dominate the place and oblivious of the people around them.  The Temple is also the most instantly recognizable symbols of Nepal. Ask any local about places to visit in the city and the Monkey Temple will be the first one they will mention.

monkey temple 13

You might be wondering why monkeys are considered sacred in Nepal, I do too.  The legend as it, it is believed that monkeys are regarded sacred here because Manjushri, the ancient bodhisattva (holy man), who envisaged the Swayambhunath Temple, grew long hair which got infested with head lice. It is said that the head lice eventually transformed into monkeys –…

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