Nepal’s condition from a tourist’s point of view

My Everyman Story

I arrived in Kathmandu on October 1, 2015. My brother, and our three good friends were due to arrive two hours after me, but China Southern canceled their flights due to Nepal’s lack of jet fuel. Naive at the time, I had no idea the extent of the “Nepal Fuel Crisis.”

I spent the last month slowly realizing the drastic effects that this fuel crisis is having on the Nepalese people. The worst part, it’s entirely unclear to everyone why exactly it’s happening.

On the way out of Pokhara the bus shuddered past a small bazaar. A continuous line of red fuel tanks sat together like a line of dominoes waiting for someone to trigger the collapse. Unfortunately for the Nepalese the collapse has already been triggered. The owner of each tank sat idle on top of the tank, guarding its place in line and hoping to move it even…

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