Divulgence of a Drunken Holy Man

There’s a culture of protest in America, albeit a spontaneous wind that picks up and sputters out on a whim. It presents itself in sporadic bursts, sometimes overtaking the national dialogue, perhaps when the war in Iraq came about or now with the All Lives Matter crowd. It occurs in a variety of ways that many of us do not see. Like roots that grow under trees and fish that swim in the sea, we see only a glimpse and go about our days. We eat our meals and pick our poisons, and without us realizing, the unknown comes bursting through upsetting the forefront of importance.
Values shift. Minds change. Evolution persists.

Ignorance tightens its grip.

There’s a theory in quantum philosophy that nothing exists until it’s brought into consciousness by an observer. Truth be told, it sounds like new age physics.

I spent time in Chile in Valparaiso during…

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