Absolute Gurkha – ‘Keep Warm’ Winter Campaign

Absolute Gurkha

2015 has not been kind to Nepal, in fact it has been cruel to the extreme.  Two devastating earthquakes rocked the country in April and May, claiming the lives of over 9000 people, and injuring and displacing tens of thousands more.  This was followed by political instability and a fuel blockade, which has resulted in the disruption of public transport and health services, dealing further blows to those who have already endured horrendous suffering.  The price of petrol has risen three-fold, having a knock on effect of raising prices of goods in a land where a large proportion of the country live well below the poverty line.  Many schools have been closed for months, hospitals are running low on essential medicine, in fact, stocks have even run out in many places, and aid agencies are struggling to procure fuel to enable them to deliver vital aid to the earthquake affected…

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