Blockade in Nepal: let there be light

Democracy Diary

In today’s world, in one hand, we are struggling for peace, humanity and tolerance, we are talking on the value of peace, need for secularism and prioritizing equality. With all surprise, on the other hand, we can see the silent world against a manmade disaster killing a rising nation silently, which want to believe in all these powerful notions of modern civilized world.

Yes, talking about Nepal; my next door neighbor, facing one of the crucial challenges in its current history.  This is an open concentration camp now and in a complete standstill due to the ongoing protest by the Madheshi community in the region bordering India.

A blockade on the Himalayan nation’s border with India has halted the supply line (read lifeline) of Nepal. Ethnic Madheshi community in the southern plain bordering India is protesting against the new constitution, saying it does not adequately represent them. At least 50…

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