Nepal, India and Blockade


Nepal, a country known in the past for it’s astonishing bravery, is at present earning fame for it’s utmost political instability. And the current circumstances reflect it’s future as the 30th state of India. Nepal and India are neighbouring countries. Despite diplomacy, treaties and open border, these countries also share religious and cultural attitudes. The marriage of Ram and Sita is an example of the religious relation of these secular countries. But at present, India violated all the treaties and imposed an undeclared blockade, which according to India, is not a blockade, but the consequences of Nepal’s own chaotic political situation. And this is the mere thing that gets on my nerves. Yes, we all are acquainted with the failure of our government. But excuse me, how can it result blockade? Of course, to some extent, our government too is responsible for this blockade. Because they didn’t pay loyalty to…

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  1. Thank you. I would like to owe your words ‘India violated all the treaties and imposed an undeclared blockade’ this is a sheer example of how ‘power’ has been used against ‘powerless’ !!! how the powerless are become voiceless ?????


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