Nepal. The REAL situation.

No names, for legal reasons. But one Melbourne-based travel agent is sailing close to the wind with it’s ill=informed  on-line exhortation to people to continue to visit Nepal… on the ridiculous grounds that all is sweetness and light in that beleaguered country.

I get a very different picture from my long-time guide and friend Tenji, whom I trust implicitly, and who would have no reason to exaggerate the situation..

He tells me that nothing has changed since he last emailed me to report that the bloody civil unrest and border confrontations with India officialdom continue as the lowland ethnic groups of Nepalese continue to protest against the recently renewed/flawed Nepali constitution. The result has been dramatic restrictions on the vital import of foodstuffs and fuel….a situation which I experienced first-hand a month or so ago.

The above mentioned invitation from the travel agent says that the trails are still open…without mentioning that…

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