Finally on the Annapurna Circuit

My Everyman Story

There was an ambient sound of water that seemed to fill the air all the same as a haze. It’s a continuous white noise, changing only in decibel and never disappearing. The water seemed to appear as if from nowhere. Long, white ribbons draped over the edges of jungle laden cliffsides. Only these waterfalls and rivers are exempt from the tyranny that is the jungle. It grows everywhere, buildings left long enough are swallowed by its reigning creep. Steep, massive walls of granite extend to the sky, shrouded in a shag of green like a blanket of photosynthetic snow.

Crossing the river below massive granite walls covered in the green jungle vegatation

Looking down at the village of Taal

A gaze upwards revealed amazing feats of agriculture. Nestled high on the steep jungle slopes were small huts, built of stone and mortar hand quarried from the surrounding cliffs. Hundreds of…

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