from Rhino’s scribbling: planning of Godfather’s birthday

The planning was going well ahead of the birthday since the newfound Godfather had stepped into the scene for the rescue but none of the plans are found well apt for execution; initially it was thought a garland ceremony could be done, i.e. the rhinos would climb one after another up to 6’5″ for adorning garland, then taking selfie hugs and kisses offering occasional drink but the lower order collapsed in the practice session resulting a hairline fracture in the spinal bone detected in X ray report further resulting of dropping the plan. Then the new plan is to invite Elephants for showering rose water and flower upon Godfather keeping him at the centre and asking the hippos to lip sync medieval opera song as they have legendary ability of lip sync.[without gulping anybody around!!!!] and the rhinos will move around in circles in the rhythm of the song, then all of them will take proper field position and ask their Godfather to play some awesome stroke with the rhino bat which he almost forgets under the spell of acute amnesia ¬†that he belongs to willow ¬†fraternity much before he found himself as a saviour for rhinos. Hope all goes well and a very happy birthday to Rhino Godfather in advance.