Kangana’s extended version of Nepotism and Bollywood explanation through songs

Karan Johar: Kaise samjhayun bade na samaj ho

Hrittik Roshan: Na tum jano na hum

Heroine emotional blackmail to hero for casting: pyar kiya to nibhana pyar kiya to nibhana

Hero to various favorite actresses: hum premi prem karna jane

Those who cannot utilise the virtue of nepotism in the industry: Kasme vaade pyar wafa sab baatein hain baaton ka kya

Kya huya tera vaada wo kasam yoh iraada bhule ga dil jis din tumhe yo din jindagi ka akhri din hoga

Karan Johar got fed up of all these allegations ask Kangana to leave Bollywood : Jaate ho jaane jana akhri salaam le te jana

Karan apprehending something like “achcha chalta hoon duya o mein yaad rakhna” but alas Kangana started after finishing a press conference :” hum to chale pardesi hum pardesi ho gaye” She has got call from Hollywood.

Kangana we liked your acting in Rangoon. The girl from such background act n behave like the way u exactly enacted. Its unfortunate the movie did not do well in Box Office.

just imagine….

Grandhomme did a Paul Adams from round the wicket[for a change!!] , the ball slipped from his hand and hit the non strikers end wicket when the batsman  was out of the crease. Confused umpire [Dharmasena] did a chinaman instead of a T for DRS which was neither a Paul Adams nor Grandhomme…….third umpire was fused by the entire procedure occurred in the field and gave the non striker run out…….the batsman was so furious that he did a chinaman angrily on his way to pavilion and eventually the bat flew from his hand and went outside the stadium and fell in the nearby forest. Fans n spectators in the gallery did a Mexican wave chinaman action and got head injuries…………the match  ended somehow………….till date nobody tried the Dharmasena action [am not talking about his medium pace nor his umpiring]!!!!! after reading this at least ten head will get chinaman moves. God save chinaman bowlers!!!!

[ I will never take Dharmasena’s autograph because if somehow he catches the mastermind of  all this mess he might not bother to seek DRS this time!!!!]

this small piece of writing is token of  grand welcome to Colin de Grandhomme in the world of International Cricket