Relief material to nepal by Mega power star

At least one name has come to the fore of quake relief so far Film Industry is concerned.


We are all aware of the recent natural disaster that hit Khatmandu. Our prayers to those families, who got effected due to this calamity. Telugu actor Ram Charan has extended a helping hand to the victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, offering relief material with the help of Apollo Hospital. The corporate hospital will be shipping large quantity of ORS sachets,glucose bags and cough syrup to the quake-hit people in Nepal,” revealed a Press note from the actor.

Members of Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust and the huge fan base he commands are expected to join hands with the actor in this endeavor to help people of the catastrophic calamity. The actor is currently busy getting ready for the shoot of his yet-untitled Telugu film with Srinu Vaitla.

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Its High time for Bollywood Film Industry to stand beside the earthquakestriken Nepal…………



It’s that very song about which Amitabh Bachchan has twitted earlier………..the place  [ Bhaktapur Durbar Square] has now turned into a debris of historic ruins. Not for this song entirely the Bollywood Film Industry may not be aware of the fact that Nepal can give India a run so far the ardent fans and admirer for Hindi Film Industry is concerned. Even a toddler starts humming Hindi film songs before he/she could utter a complete sentence in Nepali language. Bollywood has deep impact over Nepal as Hindi films are one of the major source of entertainment in this hilly country. So I feel its high time for Bollywood Film Industry to payback the love and admiration Nepal has always shown for Bollywood. The entire film industry should stand  beside them and should make  an unforgettable earthquake relief campaign by raising huge amount of  funds and by their presence over there to lift the spirit of the people of Nepal.

dil bada to tu bada…………….if your heart is big you are big:)

There are so many things in our life  keep inspiring us …………………..first is mama’s encouragement she is the obvious one to encourage us for going big no matter whether we count her or not…………………..she will support us unconditionally……………so are lines told by great people, friends support, family and relatives good will and sometimes you never know where from you get the inspiration……………..a little negative though…………sometimes from those who do not like us do not like to see us progressing they too inspire us……………….their dislikes itself say we are doing good…………..ya that’s true………back to positive again recently one tag line of an ad is pulling my attention…….whenever I see, I cannot give enough to the ones I loved  and love the way they are………………… cannot give my 100% to them I return to those tagline…………..its an ad played by our beloved Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra about some branded beetle nuts  the wordings and the music is awesome so is the picturisation of the full thing………………. its says ” heerein moti se kab tulti hain khushiyan shohorat tu dil ki kama dil bada to tu bada……………….” [ How could you weigh happiness with jewels and precious things you should earn prosperity of  wholeheartedness…………..  if you are big in your mind you are definitely big]. I get back to the add on and on when I feel I am not capable of giving enough to all. It inspires me.

Ebola virus the latest menace so far

Friends be very careful as there is already red alert in India and few more countries about Ebola virus……………..the preliminary symptoms are as good as influenza but severity starts as soon as it grips firm…………….please Google for information and take necessary measures………Africa is still in the map somewhere nearer to other continents so be aware and safe. 🙂

The worst storm on record


Dear friends,


The worst storm on record has devastated the people of the Philippines, and scientists say climate change fueled it. Leaders are meeting right now to decide whether to pay billions promised to help vulnerable countries recover from and protect against these climate disasters. Money that could go directly to helping the Philippines rebuild. The Filipino negotiator just went on a hunger strike for action and has started a petition on Avaaz — let’s stand with him:

The horror of what’s happened in the Philippines is unimaginable. Ten thousand people wiped away by a 25ft wall of water driven by 300km/h winds. A city of 200,000 people looks like a nuclear bomb hit it. It’s the worst storm on record, but it’s just the beginning, unless we act.

Right now the world’s powers are in a global climate conference talking about whether to hand over billions…

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Amazing Children Help Typhoon Victims

The Adventures of Iñigo Boy

My home country, Philippines declared a national state of emergency following the recent typhoon, which was considered the strongest typhoon in the world. Millions were left homeless, and without a family.

Help started pouring from other countries, which was really amazing.

Today, allow me to share some inspiring stories of heroism from children around the world.



TOKYO-Thousands of miles in terms of distance certainly was not enough to keep six-year old Shoichi Kondoh from feeling compassion for Filipinos, not thinking twice about giving away his painstakingly saved-up piggyback savings as part of the ever-growing international relief aid.

Accompanied by his mother, Miho Kondoh, Shoichi visited the Philippine Embassy in Japan to hand over JPY 5,000. Shoichi said he was moved to donate his savings  after witnessing the extent of destruction the Philippines experienced from Super Typhoon Yolanda on television.

Consul Dexter Lao expressed the embassy’s gratitude for the sincere gesture…

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After a super busy week, I just wanted to relax this lazy afternoon with my few good hobbies, one of them is blogging in WordPress………………checking the new posts, checking the stats of viewers from different countries and feeling   good when got to know that people from other parts of the world are reading my blog it gives me a feeling as if we all are connected to each other  we are all a part of GLOBAL FAMILY sharing our views and thoughts with each other the more we get to know the more we browse different kinds of blogs the more wiser we become we have the understanding of various perspectives about so many things, a vast source of knowledge, a vast source of exploration of our quest, I really love to be in WordPress whenever I get time. I feel it’s a very good medium to enrich our knowledge, wisdom to quench the thirst of our intelligence.