a step forward….

Sri Narendra Modi and alliance definitely deserve severe criticism for their cold attitude towards Nepal India blockade issue that too in the dearth of enormous National crisis of Nepal. Their humanitarian aspect of handling the entire issue is definitely questionable. Keeping the entire issue in mind I would like to shift the focus slightly towards Modi’s recent visit to Pakistan which  shows many positive aspect of the situation. Lets take this picture as a bright start towards progress for both the Nation. According to the source and information if both the Prime Ministers are business minded[ thats what most of the individuals would agree], then many aspect could be expanded in between……….if not wrong I can see brilliant prospect of flourishing IT Industry in Pakistan which could give an overall financial upliftment of the country and terrorism would be gradually subsided and I have true belief that the students of Pakistan are equally brilliant as our Indian pupils. Their ability is unquestionable. They proved it in sports, they proved it in artistic pursuit. According to Indian philosophy hatred is just the reverse mindset of unconditional love. If things could be handled sensibly we can add a  new chapter of glory and admiration  in the epic of human history. Now, you can rebuke Narendra Modi and alliance for not responding to Nepal crisis properly.

People leaving for Dashain increases, despite hassles[courtesy:The Himalayan Times]


KATHMANDU: With the onset of Dashain, the greatest festival of Nepali Hindus, many people from different parts of the country are leaving Kathmandu to celebrate the festival, notwithstanding the hassles including lack of adequate vehicles, a perennial problem occurred very year during festivals.

Scenes of people from outside the Kathmandu Valley heading towards their homes to celebrate festivals like Dashain, Tihar and Chhath, getting on packed vehicles, risking their lives are common every year during festivals.

However, this year, the problem has been compounded by the blockade on the Nepal-India border, causing fuel shortage.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Rajendra Prasad Bhatta said that around 206,386 people have already left Kathmandu in the first three days of the festival.

“The number of passenger vehicles leaving the valley is increasing since the Nepal Oil Corporation started providing fuel to the vehicles,” he said.

Likewise, help desks have been set up in 12 places in the valley like New Bus Park, Old Bus Park, Balkhu, Kalanki, Nagdhunga and Airport to help out the passengers leaving Kathmandu to celebrate Dashain.

Meanwhile, police arrested three persons from Kalanki area on the charge of charging passengers higher than the set bus fare.