Bohemian Bonhomie

In the movie Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Amitabh Bachchan was seen in a bohemian avatar in a song……..the lyrics are absolutely magnificent and the music even. Generally people look down to those bohemians  in disdain………..with not so trustworthy way…………..actually their way of living life and their attire and the incidents which took place with them are often very unusual, unfamiliar and that’s why  people distrust them. But I feel one should feel blessed to find such people  at least once in a lifetime……………you never know they have uncanny ability to see through people’s problem, their accurate analysis of people’s pain and the accurate  solving no matter how much they are humiliated in life sometimes they come to us for some definite reasons or may teach us something we don’t know and show us the real path  of living life. They are spiritually  so rich that they don’t bother about the rest of the world……….they attract people like anything……one should listen to them does not matter if you follow it or not but have a ear to what they want to say……… never know God’s gifts are found in the most trickiest places and from the most unexpected people;)

Hughes Funeral and few more words………………

Nevertheless to say a grief  stricken day for us as Hughes Phillips set his final journey today. The small town Macksville has been overwhelmed with sorrows and mourning since this “Hugh Dog” succumb in the lap of death . The entire town was engaged in Hughes funeral today……………..people came and paid their last respect to this young man with flowers , tears and prayers. Hughes relatives came and delivered  their eulogy one by one but its Mr Michael Clarke who made it  really big. Watching him right from the press conference after Hughes death he showed the entire world how deep his involvement is with his team mates. His eulogy is full of emotions and sentiments which moved the entire world at bay. He could not suppress  his emotion during the speech ……………..specially towards the end when he said ” We must dig in, we must get through to tea, we must play on” he was literally crying. We are moved by this gesture of great empathy. May be he is criticized for being not so competent but Hughes death proved Michael Clarke as a great human being which is a definite sign of a good leader.

Hughes Phillip: Behold man the whole world is mourning at your funeral…………

Hughes Phillip’s death has stirred the entire human fraternity. No matter one follows cricket or not, everybody came across  last week, Hughes demise is the center of the discussion. Moreover Michael Clarke’s emotional speech in press conference had fueled the fire across the countries……………his mournful gesture has moved us so much that we feel we have  lost someone closer someone nearer. Hughes is nearer indeed……………..his death swayed the entire world in deep sorrow and compassion. We indeed a part of global family and his death bring all of us closer, we all are mourning together , feeling deep empathy for his parents, relatives and team mates. Its absolute hard to see his Dad and his teammates  carrying Hughes casket towards the funeral with innumerable followers behind. We all know the inevitable destiny of human journey still we feel so morose at someone’s death, and even when someone dies so young like him. Hughes death is not an ordinary one………. the overwhelming response throughout the world after his death is a reflection of his indomitable spirit. His death made him immortal. We all are going to miss you Hughes . We all stand by you.

Any amount of tears and mourning cannot be equalized with the great loss of Cricket fraternity: Hughes we miss you…..

Ever since the news kept coming about Hugh’s injury any cricket lover from any corner of the world must have prayed for Hugh’s recovery…………….but all goes  in vein…………..after getting the news of his sad demise we cannot hold our emotion in control………………..we all wept…………….. some silently, some loudly, some in the media, some beyond……………a young cricketer who was compared with Sir Don Bradman for his batting style wont be seen any more. It a cruel hard time for his team mates who watched him getting injured by the bouncer  and fell down on the ground and then slowly succumbed  in the lap of death. Anybody would have ever guessed that morning when he was batting that things are going to be so sour by the end of the day? May be he was destined to be died at the age of 25. We all are going to miss him  badly no matter which team we support no matter how rivalry we felt against Australia being an Indian supporter  but overall we all love cricket and love those who play and support the game. Its a big loss for us to see our guys to have such consequences while playing cricket. Hugh, we are equally unfortunate as you, man,  may be we are not sharing the same space with you in your cemetery  but our spirit had gone down there and we all are lying there, weeping for our helplessness for we cannot reverse death. We miss you.

The worst storm on record


Dear friends,


The worst storm on record has devastated the people of the Philippines, and scientists say climate change fueled it. Leaders are meeting right now to decide whether to pay billions promised to help vulnerable countries recover from and protect against these climate disasters. Money that could go directly to helping the Philippines rebuild. The Filipino negotiator just went on a hunger strike for action and has started a petition on Avaaz — let’s stand with him:

The horror of what’s happened in the Philippines is unimaginable. Ten thousand people wiped away by a 25ft wall of water driven by 300km/h winds. A city of 200,000 people looks like a nuclear bomb hit it. It’s the worst storm on record, but it’s just the beginning, unless we act.

Right now the world’s powers are in a global climate conference talking about whether to hand over billions…

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Amazing Children Help Typhoon Victims

The Adventures of Iñigo Boy

My home country, Philippines declared a national state of emergency following the recent typhoon, which was considered the strongest typhoon in the world. Millions were left homeless, and without a family.

Help started pouring from other countries, which was really amazing.

Today, allow me to share some inspiring stories of heroism from children around the world.



TOKYO-Thousands of miles in terms of distance certainly was not enough to keep six-year old Shoichi Kondoh from feeling compassion for Filipinos, not thinking twice about giving away his painstakingly saved-up piggyback savings as part of the ever-growing international relief aid.

Accompanied by his mother, Miho Kondoh, Shoichi visited the Philippine Embassy in Japan to hand over JPY 5,000. Shoichi said he was moved to donate his savings  after witnessing the extent of destruction the Philippines experienced from Super Typhoon Yolanda on television.

Consul Dexter Lao expressed the embassy’s gratitude for the sincere gesture…

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