Yeh Desh Hain Vir Jawano ka ……


tin guna lagaan…..

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Dear Indian Cricket team,

just remember this dialogue n play the series all the best






a hidden paradigm……


holi khele raghuveera awadh pe
















India will provide lawyer to Afridi….

Its really childish to give notice against such a flamboyant player………Pakistan grow up….It  really hurts to know that Afridi  is in trouble for saying in India, Pakistan team is much loved. Its true absolutely true. Even our favorite Veerendra Shewag had definitely made one million enemy in our country by saying not so good thing about Shoaib Akhtar. Its a fact that Pakistan Cricketers are  household name in India. Apart from Imraan Khan Wasim Akram…………  Haneef Mohammad, Jaheer Abbas, Abdul Quadir are so popular cricketers  since our childhood days. We have a healthy competition on field or else we dont have any enmity against Pakistan. Javed Miandad too is pretty popular in India………..let me share in 1992 World Cup there was a rift between More and Miandad to which Miandad jumped like More twice or thrice………… India many lanes and by lanes walls were adorned with Miandad’s jumping jack painting. Please for heaven sake dont make the relationship sour yes we Indian  love and adore Pakistan Cricket Team.


Celebrating Indian Republic Day


before tomorrow’s morality oops match….

lets have a look at this wonderful song:

am sure two things we all have done in school:

a) reaching late at prayer

b) struggling with one eye to see whether teacher is looking at us or not in the prayer time


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