Team India ready for 2nd test

Shubman Gill
Ajinkya Rahane
Rishabh Pant
& mighty Cheteswar Pujara
Virat Kohli needs no intro
Coach: Sandalwood [slightly derogatory but will retain till final result]


soundproof headgear for umpire resisting Dolby digital lbw appeal

& last but not the least the bewitching anti swing spell by Indian cricket first lady

a step forward….

Sri Narendra Modi and alliance definitely deserve severe criticism for their cold attitude towards Nepal India blockade issue that too in the dearth of enormous National crisis of Nepal. Their humanitarian aspect of handling the entire issue is definitely questionable. Keeping the entire issue in mind I would like to shift the focus slightly towards Modi’s recent visit to Pakistan which  shows many positive aspect of the situation. Lets take this picture as a bright start towards progress for both the Nation. According to the source and information if both the Prime Ministers are business minded[ thats what most of the individuals would agree], then many aspect could be expanded in between……….if not wrong I can see brilliant prospect of flourishing IT Industry in Pakistan which could give an overall financial upliftment of the country and terrorism would be gradually subsided and I have true belief that the students of Pakistan are equally brilliant as our Indian pupils. Their ability is unquestionable. They proved it in sports, they proved it in artistic pursuit. According to Indian philosophy hatred is just the reverse mindset of unconditional love. If things could be handled sensibly we can add a  new chapter of glory and admiration  in the epic of human history. Now, you can rebuke Narendra Modi and alliance for not responding to Nepal crisis properly.

Industrial Development: A penny saved is a penny earned

Its high time for Indian Industries to look thoroughly into the finance they are providing to the political parties. I feel they should stop financing corrupted political parties because we have other sector to invest money[majorly health sector] not to those obnoxious politicians those who use the party finance for personal benefits. There are various areas of an Industry where money wastage can be cut short. Proper  power consumption, handling manufacturing surplus and chances of recycling, proper disposal of Industrial wastage so that they should not get mix in the main water bodies of the country . In heavy Industry manufacturing machines consume major portion of electricity whereas  the machines can be serviced regularly for proper functioning or can be altered after certain period of time so that power consumption will be comparatively lesser. I know the things I am discussing are already there in the agenda but what I feel  proper implementation  is needed. The amount of money get waste in every five year alternate for election campaigning and procedure , if saved can be used for at least five big major Industries in India. Industrialists are the backbone of political parties without them Political parties cannot get funding , so they[Industrialists] can invest  and choose the candidate wisely. Time has come…..  India needs good politicians[actually India don’t need politics at all, mark my word its true] and we cannot provide money for corruption. We need to raise our  voice until and unless things are  going to take place.

Industrial Development [P1]Few ideas which can be considered for Better India:shamelessly yours

I believe its high time India should amend certain conventional rules which is for betterment and welfare in general for the country. Several instances are sited that political interference are playing havoc in the growth of Industrial Development of certain states, certain region. I know many of us will agree with the point that political interference are unnecessary and they are  deterring Industrial development where majority’s interest of betterment is involved. I can cite example of Bengal where three major groups TATA, Zindal, and Infosys had withdrawn their projects from Bengal due to political interference, simply political and nothing else. So its high time to distort and build certain rules for Industrial Development of each state without political interference. I believe people should work in team to identify areas of each state which are suitable for Industrial Development and those lands will be highly protected under President’s quota. Even Prime Minister cannot intervene into this. These lands will be given to those prospective projects which Industrialists of different sectors want to develop accordingly WITHOUT ANY POLITICAL INTERFERENCE. I feel different NGOs can be built to take care of the circumstantial issues of the industry. The state will be bound to help unconditionally[by law] in every aspect so that projects can carry forward smoothly. I might sound over ambitious and expecting [ read dreaming] more from our own people but this can be considered a way if we want to see a better India. Opposition does not always give competitive results. Even in our favorite politics several example are there. During the second term Prime Ministerial venture Smt Indira Gandhi was more successful than the first term…………people said the opposition was pretty weak during her second term.:) We can take inspiration from this and let others work without opposing………. sometimes people dig their own graveyard by opposing others. Mamata Banerjee is the brightest instance.

Not assured with the new World Cup Squad

Is it  ICC World Cup Cricket ? OR IPL ? Really could not understand what is running in selector’s mind! Zaheer, Shewag, Harbhajan, Gauti all are faded from the selector’s choices and newly introduced people are coming to the squad many of them hardly played One Day International game for India. Team selection should be done six months prior so that players can be in constant practice and under training with World Cup Experts. Could not understand the logic behind this unstable combination. MS Dhoni recently declared his retirement from Test Cricket and he explained that while leading the team he listened more to his subconscious rather than conscious mind.[ God help us with those hypothetical pathetic theories for incompetency]. Does not matter because he will be leading Team India in the coming World Cup Tournament with subconscious mind and all those illogical decisions while spreading the field. I feel its wise not to comment about the ongoing series of India and Australia[ see the disastrous stats of the matches played each time]. Time is short and it seems things [ team selection] had been done in a hurry. Is India waiting for some charisma or some kind of  Midas touch to be happened in the World Cup matches ?? I feel its best to start the blame game from right now because when the matches will be playing half the way of each defeat our people starts rattling against each other and pointing responsibility to each other which is very predictably boring………….if they start the blame game from right now at least we will be prepared for what comes ahead and avoid supporting the team . If I am not overextending or over expecting can we call back Sachin Tendulkar to break the retirement and come for the rescue????[ we all know he wanted to play 2015 World Cup]  At least I sound a little more relevant than the selectors.

Deven Verma no more…………

People will talk about Deven Verma’s popular acting in Angoor, Chor ke ghar Chor , Bemisaal, Golmaal etc but I feel its Rang Birangi where we have seen him as a craftsman of the whole story and a brilliant performance. He died out of heart attack by 2 a.m. today morning due to kidney failure. His comedy had its own niche………….a kind of good taste comedy what he had offered to his fans. I feel his kind of comedy can only be compared with I.S. Johar. He enacted at innumerable movies in Hindi and other languages. Bollywood film industry will definitely going to miss this rare talent.