Vaiko’s protest and few words [Narendra Modi sworn in Part II]

On 26th May 2014, the very day our honorary Sri  Narendravai Damodardas Modi had taken the oath as India’s 15th Prime Minister, various other incidents had also come into focus simultaneously. As we all know Pakistan’s Prime Minister Mr Nawaz Shariff had marred all the speculations by his mighty presence  in this ceremony [military disturbances around border area was heard as an agitation to this] so is Vaiko’s protest in Jantar Mantar , New Delhi  against Sri Lankan President Sri Mahinda Rajpaksa’s presence as honorary  SAARC country delegates in the ceremony. Giving full respect to Mr Rajpaksa and his military invasion to settle peace and order in his country , I would like to say  if the Tamil people residing in Sri Lanka wont feel secure and safe they can appeal to India Government and if they feel India’s intervention could make difference in some way or they want rehab they need to write and send representative who can give authentic information of the present scenario without any political color. I know any sensible Indian who had seen Vaiko’s protest video would be somewhat disturbed to know that things are still so brutal with Tamilians in Sri Lanka. We have heard that Vaiko met with our honorary Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi and our home minister Sri Rajnath Singhji on the very context. But things should be judged from some neutral source so the information will be accurate and impartial and anyway if there is any role which India Govt can play for their support or aid it must  be  known to them .

We are not taking this picture for granted…………we are looking pretty positively at it.


Hope a new age is going to emerge in the history of India and Pakistan. Let us fight only in the cricket matches that too with runs and wickets and catches  etc else we want this friendship should last forever and hope things are  going to be progressive for both the countries .

Its high time for India to show what they are really made of

It would have been only a state or province under India if not divided…………..yeah friends am talking about that same old India Pakistan issue which every second day gives us a sense of disgust for what Pakistan keeps on doing and how sagely patience our India Government has!!! Are we really so helpless in front of Pakistan’s all these miscreants? Truly not…….of course patience is  power but so far the situation is under control, sometimes it needs to show the ruthlessness and aggression in order to establish one’s integrity against those who dare to create all nuances and destabilize the peace impact…………..Its high time for India to fight back ————— if discussion, meetings between two states international interventions are not enough to solve the issue India  should call for an army invasion into Pakistan and demolish their audacity once and forever. No matter what, things are growing beyond botheration and this is not the right example India is setting in the World forum by being resilient……………other state can take advantage of these kind of so called timid and humble  attitude…………. India is a country of brave heroes, right from early history, Rana Pratap Singh, Shivaji, then in the time of freedom movement we have seen Bhagat Singh, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose,  after that Sam Manekshaw…………..all had set brilliant example of heroism. I don’t think things are still in the level of bureaucracy……………Pakistan could not understand sophisticate approaches so far  politics is concerned…………they only understand the language of guns and bullets. Enough warnings have been given, now its time to show them where they are actually standing in front of the whole thing.