Media Massacre: Celebrity Gangster/Terrorist & Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe Malfunction: These days things are quite brewing in the public……….. how worse a celebrity can carry their attire so that they feel awkward and uneasy…………… they fell down in their expensive stilettos, how their new designer wears are putting them into uncomfortable gestures in front of the camera………….is it very decent and sober enough to publish video or photographs like that  in magazines and internet? What is media for? To trouble the celebrities? To put them into bad light in front of  their fans? What they are for? I know for a considerable amount of time many  eminent  personalities had avoided media for media’s unethical code of conduct towards them………..what if the same thing will impose upon them for their unprofessional way of establishing power? They want to en-cash on the awkwardness of those celebrities for the time being. Is it really professional? Coming next to celebrity gangster or terrorist. I feel very disgust when I see in the TV how shamelessly the leader of the terrorist group shouting in the microphone put in front of them against public interest against state interest and how audacity they have to say such things in the media? I really think this kind of programme should be banned…… and other media channel should not broadcast or show case their hate speeches……………….. people might think it the easiest way to be a celebrity when you can stir the nation by utter nonsense.[where are the footages of those great teachers those who produced thousands of brilliant students for the country?] I dont know from where they have done their mass communication from……………… where they should have been taught the true meaning of media: its much more bigger than all those obnoxious terminology like Celebrity Gangster, Wardrobe Malfunction etc.

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