I am freshly pressed…………….I am a shirt!! what an irony!!! yeah friends I have got this sophisticated look after being ironed by some expert hand in ironing……..I cannot move, could not make any expression [my condition is much worse than a botox taker], so I am whispering I am freshly pressed…………I could not mix up with rest of those unpressed unruly  shirts those who are lying here and there around. I am a part of haute couture I am freshly pressed by a hot iron which made me silent and sober. Still am whispering I have a stiff collar two stiff cuffs neatly stitched shoulder and body silhouette I have buttons and button holes in the opening panel of each side, I have a pocket stitched right on the  left part on my front side ………………I am freshly pressed………………..still you can sniff the smell of hot iron from my body……………..so I am IRONICALLY  FRESHLY PRESSED!!!!!

Angry young man’s lighter side: Amitabh and comedy

We all know our Bollywood supremo as a angry young man of his days, a serious actor, but this actor has a lighter side also……………..Amitabh Bachchan has marvellous sense of humor which is evident in many of his enacted movies, be it Sholay[ the jail scene, the introduction of Jay to mausi, the famous Shankar Bholenath scene with Hema Malini,]  be it Namak Halal[ Vijay Hazare and Vijay merchant running commentary, the fly act in the conference with the hotelier, the song sequence pag ghunghroo and the encounter with his disguised daddu ] everywhere he is marvellous.ImageImageImageImageImageImage I

In Satte Pe Satta there is a scene where Hema Malini slapped Amitabhji and the face he made due to that is extremely funny, even in Do aur Do paanch Amitabhji has made great comedy scene with Sashi Kapoor.ImageImage

Then in Yaarana, his tongue twister, his peculiar way of pronouncing Hindi and many more scenes are really enjoyable. So spontaneously he does all those comic scenes, in Namal Halal movie in  the song sequence  Jawane Janeman he was standing behind Sashi Kapoor ji carrying two glasses of wine and then after horrendous dance and expressions he poured them down in the floor………….its worthy to watch his comedy there and after that he used a special hymn to pull up the curtain and drop it down once more somebody like him only can utter such things adding so much humor. In the recent times also we have seen his comedy in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna in the song sequence of Rock n roll soniye…………….in the midway he just pulled the mic down to say ” and we have not done yet” …………….people with good sense of humor can appreciate his standard of comedy. The timing and expression are superb and above average……………in other movies like Shaan, Silsila, Besharam  there are few scenes of comedy which he enacted brilliantly leaving a signature of his standard. Last but not the least is the song of Desh Premi where Amitabhji was wooing Hema Malini in a song sequence[ Khatoon ki Khidmat mein] playing a typical Hyderabadi guy is one of his best comic performances so far. These days he is doing only serious kind of role we expect to see more comic roles from this great actor.

Its high time for “BAJATE RAHO” in real life

Bajate Raho is a recent Bollywood movie with Tushar and Bishakha in the lead role, its tit for tat for the wrongdoers of the society. It has come out well, giving eye opening inspiration to the young generation who want real-time “Bajate Raho”[a kind of  sting operation] in the society against the corrupted business leaders, bureaucrats, politicians and their associates. We can implement these highly motivated mission against anybody whom we want to be exposed in the society who after several wrongdoings still enjoying the status of high profiles and God knows what they do with the money of the public for fulfilling  their self satisfying goals. There was a movie a few years back Khosla ka Ghosla which was against the real estate businessman and how a group of theater personas had taken the revenge against him, very smart movie. We can take inspiration from those movies and keep on Bajate Raho with those wrongdoers throughout our life.

This is exclusive for Amitabh Bachchan’s fans

This is exclusive for Amitabh Bachchan’s fans

I have posted a link from the movie Namal Halal where Amitabh Bachchan Sahaab had used one curtain raiser as well as curtain dropper  mantra[ aur mailka de khudaimaste something like that] please have a look at what he is saying and the expressions.