I am afraid I may be the last person to know…

that Pakistan expected India to help Pakistan in certain aspects according to ace Pakistani batsman Miandad. He said what India has given to us ? Had Pakistan ever stated about anything they need India’s intervention for their country? So far cricket is concerned to me no World Class Batsman is complete until n unless they play cricket in Pakistan’s home ground. There are certain unfortunate incidents happened which barred International Cricket in Pakistan. Did they appeal to ICC for reconsidering the decision ? Did Pakistan ever seek India’s intelligence advice so that International Cricket can be reopened in Pakistan? Did they ever discuss with India  about the tentative possibilities and obstacles could occur due to this? Did they ever engage SAARC intervention? We need to know all this we too want Pakistan cricket grow like any other team in the world. Here I made the subject very “specific” to Cricket I believe discussions could be opened between India and Pakistan about advancement and progress of Pakistan but everything depends about the mindset and the eagerness to grow in the bigger world.

a step forward….

Sri Narendra Modi and alliance definitely deserve severe criticism for their cold attitude towards Nepal India blockade issue that too in the dearth of enormous National crisis of Nepal. Their humanitarian aspect of handling the entire issue is definitely questionable. Keeping the entire issue in mind I would like to shift the focus slightly towards Modi’s recent visit to Pakistan which  shows many positive aspect of the situation. Lets take this picture as a bright start towards progress for both the Nation. According to the source and information if both the Prime Ministers are business minded[ thats what most of the individuals would agree], then many aspect could be expanded in between……….if not wrong I can see brilliant prospect of flourishing IT Industry in Pakistan which could give an overall financial upliftment of the country and terrorism would be gradually subsided and I have true belief that the students of Pakistan are equally brilliant as our Indian pupils. Their ability is unquestionable. They proved it in sports, they proved it in artistic pursuit. According to Indian philosophy hatred is just the reverse mindset of unconditional love. If things could be handled sensibly we can add a  new chapter of glory and admiration  in the epic of human history. Now, you can rebuke Narendra Modi and alliance for not responding to Nepal crisis properly.

when Gublet Galabala was young…………

She had a legendary friendship with legend Madam Castafiore. [much unknown to the readers].

They had so much identical resemblance that people sometimes used to mistake her for her.[please help yourself to understand which “her” stands for whom]. Then in rain they started singing one of the   “much awaited”[read fabricated] songs………..

Actually the song should be sung like this  14 or sometimes like this.23

But due to distance they sang like the way it filmed. Different country, different gesture you know!

Umpire vs Vampire………few differences

1) Alphabetical disorder: One starts with “u”and the rest with “va”.

2) Dress Colour  Code: for Vampire, its preferably Black  while for the umpire its white and black.

3) Age and appearance preference: Vampire ought to be young and charming, whereas umpires should be old [except Dharmasena, he is young still not competent enough to be a vampire………..is he????]

4) Vampires can fly.[fictional] Umpires cannot, they can only raise the index finger up to show Vampires are flying.

Industrial Land[development] under President Quota

I might write relentlessly for non political Industrial Development until and unless people get convinced and support for the same. I believe NGOs should have more power to impose their line of action in the Industrial Estate so that things can go in impartial  smoother way. I personally visited several Industrial Parks and have witnessed various  manufacturing procedures and things are actually can be done very harmonious and integrated way rather than joining  typical Indian NARABAAZI and so on. There should be more Foreign Investors  and our people should train the workers so that they can communicate and cooperate with Foreign projects simultaneously with Desi projects. I believe there should be some social agenda of each Industry so that people can understand Industry is for the people by the people and of the people. This is not the end. The discussion is open until and unless things come into reality and people should actually think [including political people] that a bill should pass where non political Industrial ventures should get immense support everywhere in India.

call me mad :)…………………………never mind ;) prove it rather

When considerable  amount of people call you mad or insane or not comprehensible you should know that you are on the right track of your life. All those insane thinking of life, those insane actions  had lead us to big discoveries either about ourselves or about the  law of Universe. To achieve something to live a life full of  passion one should have certain amount of madness for it. Be it love, be it cricket, be it acting, be it making money [yes, you are reading right], be it love for food, be it humor whatever it may be you must be mad enough to reach your goal. I heard long back or read somewhere that sometimes the artist or the creative persons are extremely self destructive in nature and on the verge of creating something they get the trauma of self destruction which extremely stressful they get tremendous jerks in nerves or else they could not create the same. While the trauma runs they behave insane but they create miracles. So friends its absolutely fine to be mad to some extent as long as you think you are absolutely right and following your passion.