An awesome victory against Proteas :)

It was 112/5 of the Indian innings I got a glimpse of the match where I found AB De Villers was spreading the field with so much confidence as if he had  played at least 10 more matches on this ground before this game. I was scared and happy at the same time. We could learn so much from this genius cricketer.[ no matter where you are playing the game of cricket when you are in the game you are the boss]  And to everybody’s surprise the not so favorite MS Dhoni’s consistent batting performance has definitely proved he could contribute some more to the game.[ I considered myself  the worst critic of Dhoni]. But things are still quite  hand length distance so far India’s victory is concerned. But the Indian bowlers, specially Axar Patel and Bhuvaneswar Kumar had done a splendid job and won the game for us. However India should not take this victory for granted remember how Morkel hit the ground with his bat in frustration after defeat. We thoroughly enjoyed the dragonfly effect throughout the stadium to which Gavaskar also took part.

Its all about Devilliers [AB] and Aquarius : predictably unpredictable :)

Thought to go for a prolonged hibernation since finding no inspiration around for further scribbling. Was scrolling some sport news here and there, suddenly I discovered Ab Devillers self contradictory statement. Few days back after the disastrous loss against Pakistan Devillers lamented that it might be an overestimation of his team members ability which brought two loss in a row. We were pretty okay with the statement since it happens quite often when players perform under-weather. Suddenly after three days De Villers jumped out with all his enthusiasm and claimed that he has got the best team so far cricket is concerned. I know this sport news has found a handsome amount of gigglers. I got the hunch after reading the news and found that my hunch is correct……………..he is an Aquarius. Who else can jeopardize like this way with his statement. Its the time which can tell which statement was an inflated one the former or the latter? 😀 Best of luck to the protean.

Our bowlers did outstandingly well in todays match[ the biggest one!]

Hopefully Bhuvenswar Kumar will be fit for the next giant game  with South Africa on coming Sunday. Although our current set of bowlers did very good job today in the Pakistan match  but the next game they have to face the super versatile Ab  de Villiers…. you can call him the Big B [ Amitabh Bachchan] of modern cricket. Apart from batting he is extremely smart behind the wicket[ wicket keeper batsman]. He is very mischievous in the field so with the bat. Hope to see some dazzling performances of India team  in the forthcoming game. Best of Luck.:)