making good students is a kind of pottery

What does a potter do? they mix water with earth and make it a semi solid form to give shapes of various kinds. The human soul too needs dilution of egos, pride, self righteousness to be a good learner…………………a good teacher can understand how to make his/her students like a soil mixed up with water in equal proportion in order to shape their talents.All students are equal to the teacher. They only differ by their ability to grasp, their intelligence, their concentration to read and write and most importantly the power of listening. How much a student can remember by listening the lecture of their teachers can differ him or her from other students. In Ancient India Veda was only remembered in memory and it was chanted by the gurus to their disciples thus it was carried forward  several hundred years only by power of listening , power of memory. It was never in  written form initially.

After giving shapes to the earthenware the potter put them in the raw conditions in  the open sunlight so that they can be strengthened  furthermore and can serve the purpose for which they are molded. All human being irrespective of any background, cast, nation, religion have come to serve their purpose in this world. Only a good guru can identify and mold his/ her students to proper shape so that they can serve the purpose for which they are born. Continue reading “making good students is a kind of pottery”