India Will Do All For Better Ties With Nepal, Says Rajnath Singh[ courtesy: NDTV]

India Will Do All For Better Ties With Nepal, Says Rajnath Singh

Home Minister Rajnath Singh said India wants very good relations with Nepal

NEW DELHI:  Home Minister Rajnath Singh said today that India wants good relations with Nepal and it will do everything to better strained relations.

“We want very good relations with Nepal. We will do everything for betterment of our relations with our neighbors,” Mr Singh told the media in New Delhi.

Nepal has accused India of covertly backing Madhes-based parties protesting against Kathmandu’s new Constitution and blockading the India-Nepal border, causing widespread shortages in the Himalayan nation.

India says it can’t be blamed for the situation in Nepal. Nepal had been fully dependent on gasoline imports from India for years.

I believe………

Today I am a little dumbfounded………. like many, I too want to know was India diplomatically competent enough to handle the raised Nepal India relation recently[ whichever policy both the country  had undertaken previously it could have been amended in the time of emergency] ? Just for some immature stubbornness things are tilting in favor of China………could not India be a little more lenient and considerate towards Nepal or the political know hows are more important than humanitarian cause? Is it the right gesture to protrude in front of the rest of the World? Why SAARC’s intervention has not been introduced? Hope India has all the answers for this action.

Nepal’s Constitution & Lessons for India[courtesy:THE DIPLOMAT]

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