Its high time for “BAJATE RAHO” in real life

Bajate Raho is a recent Bollywood movie with Tushar and Bishakha in the lead role, its tit for tat for the wrongdoers of the society. It has come out well, giving eye opening inspiration to the young generation who want real-time “Bajate Raho”[a kind of ┬ásting operation] in the society against the corrupted business leaders, bureaucrats, politicians and their associates. We can implement these highly motivated mission against anybody whom we want to be exposed in the society who after several wrongdoings still enjoying the status of high profiles and God knows what they do with the money of the public for fulfilling ┬átheir self satisfying goals. There was a movie a few years back Khosla ka Ghosla which was against the real estate businessman and how a group of theater personas had taken the revenge against him, very smart movie. We can take inspiration from those movies and keep on Bajate Raho with those wrongdoers throughout our life.