I am afraid I may be the last person to know…

that Pakistan expected India to help Pakistan in certain aspects¬†according to ace Pakistani batsman Miandad. He said what India has given to us ? Had¬†Pakistan ever stated about anything they need India’s intervention for their country? So far cricket is concerned to me no World Class Batsman is complete until n unless they play cricket in Pakistan’s home ground. There are certain unfortunate incidents happened which barred International Cricket in Pakistan. Did they appeal to ICC for reconsidering the decision ? Did Pakistan ever seek India’s intelligence advice so that International Cricket can be reopened in Pakistan? Did they ever discuss with India ¬†about¬†the tentative possibilities and obstacles could occur due to this? Did they ever engage SAARC intervention? We need to know all this we too want Pakistan cricket grow like any other team in the world. Here I made the subject very “specific” to Cricket I believe discussions could be opened between India and Pakistan about advancement and progress of Pakistan but everything depends about the mindset and the eagerness to grow¬†in the bigger world.

India will provide lawyer to Afridi….

Its really childish to give notice against such a flamboyant player………Pakistan grow up….It ¬†really hurts to know that Afridi¬†¬†is in trouble for saying in India, Pakistan team is much loved. Its true absolutely true. Even our favorite Veerendra Shewag had definitely made one million enemy in our country by saying not so good thing about Shoaib Akhtar. Its a fact that Pakistan Cricketers are ¬†household name in India. Apart from Imraan Khan Wasim Akram………… ¬†Haneef Mohammad, Jaheer Abbas, Abdul Quadir are so popular cricketers ¬†since our childhood days. We have a healthy competition on field or else we dont have any enmity against Pakistan. Javed Miandad too is pretty popular in India………..let me share in 1992 World Cup there was a rift between More and Miandad to which Miandad jumped like More twice or thrice…………..in India many lanes and by lanes walls were adorned with Miandad’s jumping jack painting. Please for heaven sake dont make the relationship sour yes we Indian ¬†love and adore Pakistan Cricket Team.

a round of applause for Rahane

I always knew Ajinkya Rahane will definitely shine through his batting¬†in any given day & today he proved us right. Hopefully he will reach the century tomorrow but the way he batted today is superb. Not very sturdy of a kind but his tenacity would definitely make him bigger. The another name which I would like to mention here is Ashish Nehra, despite his shortcomings[prone to injury etc.], he had done ample justice to his career……fair enough to be remembered.

some unconventional thought after this awe-inspiring performance by Team India

Since today South Africa was in the tremendous batting spree and so was Team India with the horriblest [forcefully superlative somehow!!] bowling performance South Africa could have batted the second innings also like a 100 over match practice and India could have shined their “no adjective found” bowling in the second innings also. ūüôā lovely solution is not it?