Homeless Man Gives 12p To Church With Note Saying ‘I Don’t Have Much’ Heart-warming note was found by church after Sunday collection[ courtesy:Yahoo]


When the collection plate went round in a North Carolina church, one of the donations was a mere 18 cents – worth 12 pence.

But when church volunteers turned over the envelope, they found it was from a homeless man.

Written on the back of the envelope was a note saying, ‘Please don’t be mad. I don’t have much. I’m homeless. God Bless.’

The church posted an image of the note on its Facebook page, alongside quotes from Jesus’s teachings.

The homeless donor then called in, but said he preferred to remain anonymous.

‘After the service we have a couple of people called counters who process the offerings and put them in our safe,’ the church’s Pastor Patrick Hamrick told ABC News.

‘The secretary called me over and in the envelope was a dime, a nickel, and three cents. That was the 18 cents. We flipped it over and the note was there.’

‘We were very touched by it.’

Few words of caution : NEPAL EARTHQUAKE and aftermath

Its an assurance so far that relief works are going very promptly in Nepal………………although affected rural areas are still remained untouched due to poor communication……………I believe the situation is worse there. Since people are staying mostly outside and denied  to take shelters inside house apprehending further casualties some words[read practice] of cautions should be maintained in a proper way. First is personal hygiene and proper disposal of human waste………….. next is care should be taken about drinking water third is proper medication and following the medical instruction…………..instead of getting panicky people over there should believe the entire World is standing by their side so better take  good care of themselves and their health because there are high chances of breaking out epidemic [either water borne or human waste borne] if care is not taken. So be careful and stay safe.