a road less troubled

We prefer to walk on the road which is tried and tested and its less troublesome………how many of us have tried a road less traveled ? How many of us seriously follow our gut feelings ? Almost all of us have some inner voice [gut feeling] in certain circumstances but we generally ignore those weird signals of our sixth sense thinking that it could be embarrassing for us, nobody will accept our choices, we will be ridiculed etc, but that is the way made ¬†exclusively for us to follow in order to achieve maximum success ¬†, we never know where our gut feeling can take us to……..it can be a totally stranger’s path, it may not appear rosy at first glance, may not seem promising but still somebody inside is pushing us towards it…….. at that time we should follow our inner voice. There is a famous say that the most risky way to live life is not taking any risk at all………….very true, may be the tried and tested path is not made for all of us, some people are born to make it great, only thing we need to understand the path the signal of our inner voice, it will definitely guide us where we are destined to be.