A few more addition could have been done in the lists of invitees[Narendra Modi swear in Part III]

It may sound over ambitious but I feel Sri Narendra Modi could have included few countries’ delegates as invitees in his very first official ceremony as an Indian leader……….I am talking about few  countries of Africa……………many of them are hub of malicious disease, people live their earning mostly in terrorism, drug peddling and so on……………as we all know India’s leading investors were present in the swear in ceremony we could have given an opportunity to few African countries’ delegates an interactive session with India’s business leaders and other SAARC countries representatives………….so that they can have some ideas exchanged with each other for betterment and for further communications. I am not dreaming an overnight changes but somewhere one needs to start for a better world. At least after 50-75 years a better Africa’s terrorism free, disease free smile can be seen  then India could have appreciate herself for giving  a little contribution in the smile. Sri Narendra Modiji could have discussed in the higher bench before such inclusion in the invitee list. I am sure things would have been definitely appreciated. I know I am asking Sri Modi about a bit over extension of his limits……………but sometimes its worthy to be overextended?? What do you say??

We are not taking this picture for granted…………we are looking pretty positively at it.


Hope a new age is going to emerge in the history of India and Pakistan. Let us fight only in the cricket matches that too with runs and wickets and catches  etc else we want this friendship should last forever and hope things are  going to be progressive for both the countries .