Ashes 2015 : spectator’s review

Its sad the way Australia failed in the recent Edgbaston test but the positive side is the interest is still retained in the contest. Was reading viewers review about Michael Clarke and reason of the possible failure. Some says, that it might be Phillip Hughes death  creating havoc on Michael Clarke……………… many I also believe this firmly. If that is the case let us help Michael Clarke by supporting him so that he can perform and lead the team the way he should as a Captain. Every cricketer goes through rough phases in life, bad form, injury and many other reasons loom large over performance, one has to overcome them, regular focus and concentration is needed for that. Accept his death and move on Clarke. We all have tragedies in life, some are fatal, some are brutal, still we try to survive, try to overcome. You have to try it to  the level best for your overall betterment. May the almighty bless you for your immense sensitivity. But one should be  professional enough  when you are playing International Cricket………take your teammates support, your large number of fans support on your side  and be strong. Look around and see, think about Kevin Pietersen, so far I noticed very few people in this world would like to speak good about him. He is in good form, I have seen his innings in CPL one is 72 and another one is 83 both are superb innings…but one wrong decision, giving ball to Fletcher in second final over and they lost the tournament……… Only because a certain group of people do not like him to play for England, he is out of the team……………..don’t you think he is in pain? Only because he could not solicit himself properly in front of the team he is out of it. Can anybody ever give a single scratch in his confidence? None……. He is strong and going stronger this days. Wish you good luck Michael Clarke and be strong.

Any amount of tears and mourning cannot be equalized with the great loss of Cricket fraternity: Hughes we miss you…..

Ever since the news kept coming about Hugh’s injury any cricket lover from any corner of the world must have prayed for Hugh’s recovery…………….but all goes  in vein…………..after getting the news of his sad demise we cannot hold our emotion in control………………..we all wept…………….. some silently, some loudly, some in the media, some beyond……………a young cricketer who was compared with Sir Don Bradman for his batting style wont be seen any more. It a cruel hard time for his team mates who watched him getting injured by the bouncer  and fell down on the ground and then slowly succumbed  in the lap of death. Anybody would have ever guessed that morning when he was batting that things are going to be so sour by the end of the day? May be he was destined to be died at the age of 25. We all are going to miss him  badly no matter which team we support no matter how rivalry we felt against Australia being an Indian supporter  but overall we all love cricket and love those who play and support the game. Its a big loss for us to see our guys to have such consequences while playing cricket. Hugh, we are equally unfortunate as you, man,  may be we are not sharing the same space with you in your cemetery  but our spirit had gone down there and we all are lying there, weeping for our helplessness for we cannot reverse death. We miss you.