Industrial Development [P1]Few ideas which can be considered for Better India:shamelessly yours

I believe its high time India should amend certain conventional rules which is for betterment and welfare in general for the country. Several instances are sited that political interference are playing havoc in the growth of Industrial Development of certain states, certain region. I know many of us will agree with the point that political interference are unnecessary and they are  deterring Industrial development where majority’s interest of betterment is involved. I can cite example of Bengal where three major groups TATA, Zindal, and Infosys had withdrawn their projects from Bengal due to political interference, simply political and nothing else. So its high time to distort and build certain rules for Industrial Development of each state without political interference. I believe people should work in team to identify areas of each state which are suitable for Industrial Development and those lands will be highly protected under President’s quota. Even Prime Minister cannot intervene into this. These lands will be given to those prospective projects which Industrialists of different sectors want to develop accordingly WITHOUT ANY POLITICAL INTERFERENCE. I feel different NGOs can be built to take care of the circumstantial issues of the industry. The state will be bound to help unconditionally[by law] in every aspect so that projects can carry forward smoothly. I might sound over ambitious and expecting [ read dreaming] more from our own people but this can be considered a way if we want to see a better India. Opposition does not always give competitive results. Even in our favorite politics several example are there. During the second term Prime Ministerial venture Smt Indira Gandhi was more successful than the first term…………people said the opposition was pretty weak during her second term.:) We can take inspiration from this and let others work without opposing………. sometimes people dig their own graveyard by opposing others. Mamata Banerjee is the brightest instance.

food contamination a political trick?

Consecutive incidents of food contamination in midday meal in Bihar primary schools have really given a doubt about the intention behind doing so……..its merely carelessness, using old stocks of ration or oil adultery or its a huge conspiracy to tamper the image of the ruling political party ? Before election[ its only few months left] are these gimmicks needed to create melodrama? That  too at the cost of poor bereaved kids who comes to school Only for the sake of these damn midday meal? This type of incidents are literally  SLAP to those poor  to make them understand NOTHING IS FREE IN LIFE. No wonder from the present day onward the attendance of those primary schools will be quite lesser……no parents will dare to send their kids to school for midday meals which can eventually take their lives. It can be a trick played by the opposition party only to throw a  bad light to the  ruling party. Are there scanty of shameless practices in India everywhere, [rape, abduction, murder, foreigner harassment  to name a few], that we have to prove ourselves “kabil e tarif”[praiseworthy] by taking those little nanne munne jaan[cute little kids] for the sake of dirty political game?