Welcome Ravi :) we need the answer of Macgrath’s 4-0 series challenge in the coming Aussie session

We still remember about the naughty encounters between David Boon and Ravi Shastri in most of the Indi Aussie series. Very happy for the decision because India team seriously needs some toned down session in performance, attitude, and overall. We are tired of Mr Dhoni ‘s super over confident[ I know everything] attitude and much hyped Virat Kohli…………………. there is a term like sportsmanship which I feel nowadays is literally vanished from the player….little can be seen in Bhuvi, Ravidra Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Shekhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma and the rest are rested with so called celebrity status. I am sure Ravi Shastri ¬†will definitely come up with brilliant and brainstorming code of conduct so that we could see some meaty cricket from our boys. World Cup is ahead before that we have to prepare ourselves for facing Macgrath’s challenge [ he claimed the forthcoming series will be of Aussies and that too with 4-0 lead]. Good luck boys…….:)