Umpire vs Vampire………few differences

1) Alphabetical disorder: One starts with “u”and the rest with “va”.

2) Dress Colour  Code: for Vampire, its preferably Black  while for the umpire its white and black.

3) Age and appearance preference: Vampire ought to be young and charming, whereas umpires should be old [except Dharmasena, he is young still not competent enough to be a vampire……… he????]

4) Vampires can fly.[fictional] Umpires cannot, they can only raise the index finger up to show Vampires are flying.

Michael Messenger: Nepal won’t be back to normal for a long time

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Originally posted on Ottawa Citizen:

About a month ago, I got the call about a major earthquake in Nepal. Within 48 hours, I was on a plane to Kathmandu, to join our team to connect with children and families who had survived the disaster. I knew my life would be changed forever by what lay ahead. I didn’t know it would be by a boy named Ram.

I met thirteen-year-old Rambhakta in the town of Bhaktapur, a few days after that first earthquake shook his world to pieces. He was crammed under a tarpaulin with far too many other earthquake survivors. A week earlier, Ram had been an enthusiastic student who loved to play with his friends. But the day I met him, there was nothing on Ram’s horizon but the certainty of pain and loss. Ram told me that he was afraid to go back to school. Why? Because he didn’t want to learn how…

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Global Hope Network International Has a Plan to Help Nepal Rebuild, and it Won’t Cost Billions in Western Aid

Originally posted on Faith That Inspires Action:

ORLANDO, Fla., May 26, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — Government leaders in Nepal have asked Global Hope Network International (GHNI), an experienced non-governmental organization already working in that country, to provide relief and to help the hardest-hit villages begin moving toward rehabilitation and sustainability.

The organization is acting quickly to meet immediate needs of earthquake survivors. It also has a long-term plan to help the people of Nepal; one that doesn’t require billions in Western aid.

“We believe it’s possible to bring not only much-needed relief following natural disasters, but also a hope-filled future, free from the perpetual cycle of poverty,” explains GHNI’s president, Hal Jones.

Global Hope Network is working to provide food, water, medication, sleeping mats and tents to the Nepali people. Rather than shipping these supplies from thousands of miles away, GHNI is purchasing locally and from neighboring countries. The results? Needs are met more quickly and…

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Nepal earthquake: Hundreds gather in Kathmandu to mark 1 month since deadly quake

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Originally posted on Global News:

WATCH: Hundreds of people in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu held hands on Monday, to form a human chain around a UNESCO-recognised historical monument destroyed in the recent earthquake.

KATHMANDU, Nepal – Hundreds of people held a candlelight vigil in Nepal’s capital Monday evening to mark one month since the earthquake that killed thousands of people and affected millions.

About 200 people gathered at the Brikutimandap grounds in the heart of Kathmandu to remember the dead. They held a minute of silence, lit candles and signed messages in memory of those killed.

“We are here to pray for peace of the people who were killed and to pledge that we will rebuild the country,” student Suresh Niraula said.

In the afternoon about 400 people held hands to form a human chain around the site where Dharahara tower once stood. The Dharahara tower, built in 1832 with a 213-step spiral staircase, once…

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13 Things We Noticed After The Massive Earthquake

Originally posted on Niloykc:

A massive earthquake hit Nepal on 25th of April 2015(12th baishak, 2072 B.S.), killing over 8,500 people, destroying over two hundred houses, partially damaging over a million houses. Some of the event/ incidents we noticed after the earthquake are as follows:-

  • The general people were supportive: – After the earthquake the mobilization of all the governmental forces like the Nepal Army, Nepal police was fast and admirable. Accordingly, the youths being linked with NGO/INGOs or just directly reaching out the affected areas was very high. Youths who are just in their high schools to the bachelors and masters level students volunteered to provide relief materials.
  • Foreign donors wanted to directly help in the area rather than support the government funding process: – The devastation caused the loss in huge sum of money. The government established a trust to gather fund for the rebuilding process. It was really shameful…

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Nepal one month on: UN calls for more aid

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Originally posted on The Earth Review:

One month after the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal, the United Nations has said the world needs to provide more food aid and shelter for those left homeless.

A UN official said there was still a need to focus on providing relief rather than reconstruction.

More than 8,000 people died in the disaster and many remain homeless.

Nepal’s government, which has been criticised for being slow to respond, has called for more direct aid funding.

Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat told the BBC less than 10% of the money spent on relief by his government came from overseas.

Dr Mahat said he hoped future international donations would be managed directly by his government.

On Monday evening, hundreds of Nepalis joined a candlelit vigil at the Brikutimandap grounds in Kathmandu to remember the dead and mark a month since the earthquake hit.

The earthquake that hit on 25…

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