Pitahnoshi is a sloka of Upanishadh where the father has been  depicted as the Almighty and Protector throughout. Its a wonderful sloka.  Our great poet Rabindranath Tagore’s elder daughter  used to chant this  to him  more often. When his elder daughter was bed ridden and counting her last few days , once she asked Rabindranath to chant the slokas of Pitahnoshi……………………..it came as a thunderbolt to Rabindranath as it came as an irony to him……………even the almighty and protector cannot be larger than our ultimate destiny. Later on Rabindranath wrote his heart wrenching experience of chanting  Pitahnoshi to his daughter in her last days  whom he loved and adored so dearly.

A story of Kalidasa………….the great poet

This story I have heard from one of my teachers when I was in my school. This is a story about  our great Sanskrit Poet Kalidasa. At that time Sri Kalidasa was slowly climbing the ladder of success for his talent of poetry………..everybody around was in ardent praise about his poetic excellence. When admiration came, jealousy and competitiveness also loom large around the corner. There is no exception in the case of Kalidasa. The group of Sanskrit poets challenged his poetic talent and called for a Poet Conference where a poetic contest had been arranged. One side there were renowned Sanksrit Poets and their admirers and another side there was Kalidasa alone . Kalidasa kept very low profile right from the beginning . After  prolonged poetic expressions from both the side the judges were confused to decide who was great. Then they decided to go a little offbeat way……………………they showed both the group a dry tree trunk kept in front of them and asked to express the same in poetic gesture. The Sanskrit poets expressed ” SUSHKANG KASHTHANG TISHATI AGRE” to which Kalidasa replied “NIRASA TARUBARA PURATA BHAAGE” :) whereas both the meaning are same[a dry tree trunk is lying in front ] and Kalidasa’s version sound more poetic and rhythmic . So  the judgement was made in favor of Kalidasa.

Clarke dedicates World Cup to tragic Hughes [ref: Yahoo]

South Africa v Australia - 2nd Test Day Three

No words to describe this great soul Michael Clarke………….even in this great big day of winning World Cup Clarke did not forget  his little bro Phillip Hughes who died couple a month ago……….he bid him above while leaving the field raising the bat high as this is his last one day International match.

“I’m sure everybody standing on this stage will say we played this World Cup with 16 players,” said Clarke.

Australia captain Michael Clarke dedicated Sunday’s World Cup final triumph to Phillip Hughes, the team-mate who died after being hit on the head by a bouncer last year.

Clarke, who made 74 in the seven-wicket victory over New Zealand in what was his last one-day international, described Hughes as the squad’s 16th man at the six-week tournament.

“I’m sure everybody standing on this stage will say we played this World Cup with 16 players,” said Clarke.

“This victory is dedicated to our little brother Phillip Hughes. Hughesy used to party as good as any of them so I guarantee we’ll celebrate hard tonight.”

Clarke will continue to play Test cricket and vowed to keep wearing a black armband in honour of his close friend.

“The band has got PH on it. I will wear it every game I play for Australia. It’s been a really tough few months.”

Australia batsman Hughes died on November 27 last year, two days after being hit on the head by a Sean Abbott bouncer in a first-class match in Sydney.

[image and material courtesy:YAHOO]

World Cup Semi Final 2 : Its a charity for a cause………….;)

Its more than 24 hours passed ever since we witnessed one of the most horrible Indian performances in cricket that too in semi final……………none of the sector of the game [ batting, bowling, fielding] India had outsmarted Aussies. Thought to keep mum about the match played yesterday…………..reading reviews and reports of the match in newspaper and internet throughout the day still cannot believe that we are out of the tournament. India’s  performance came as a shock to me after  being non beaten in the tournament so far. Havoc criticisms are coming to and fro, which they truly deserve. Only enthusiasm and over confidence cannot win big matches there is a word called “experience” as well which “sometimes” serves best rather than the rest of the two[enthusiasm and overconfidence]. Thats why I am boasting  right from the beginning that we needed old fellows in this tournament,  Harbhajan Gautam Gambhir Zaheer Khan Veerendra Shewag  were absolutely needed so far experience is concerned. Nowhere the depth has been seen………………bowling batting captaincy everything seems very superficial, very vague. Losing or winning a toss is a sheer chance of luck,  no one can foretell that but should have the right strategy to bind the batsman within chase-able target. When chasing a sum total of three hundred something we should have the right mindset…………..why should we let the bowlers set upon our confidence so that they can rule us out? For this one need experience………. I still remember last World Cup Final match  Gautam Gambhir’s 97 run was absolute match saver. It was also a nerve straining thriller so far chasing 274 runs are concerned. Cannot take a semi final so easy where so many people’s sentiments are included :) …………………..so better to call it a charity to Australia so that hosts duo can play the final match. Its wiser to say that its   Phillip Hughes spirit which helped Australia to perform so brilliantly rather than blaming Anuska Sharma for debacle of Virat Kohli. Instead of playing the rubbishes[ IPL, T20 and what not] throughout the year  India should concentrate on International Matches thoroughly. We cricket lovers will write for hours, analyze day in and day out  but do Team India really  bother to improve or they will dishearten the very same time when they are needed to be dazzled by their performance?

Zubeidaa: Karisma’s masterpiece…………..a little more about her


Karisma’s Zubeidaa was an absolute delicate movie with all the masterstrokes added into it. Right from Director Shyam Benegal, Rekha’s acting as Mandi didi Manoj Bajpayee’s subtle yet powerful role , Lillette Dubey’s small yet important character play  Rehman’s music  and overall Karisma’s powerful and passionate acting all made the movie a wonderful saga of love , romance, passion and betrayal. Karisma looked drop dead gorgeous in the movie throughout. This is all about the movie …………..here I will tell a small incident which took place in the set of the movie. Many of you must have heard about it still I want to mention it once more. In between the shots Karisma was re-doing her make up while unwillingly and absolute unintentionally  one individual of the make up crew sprayed deo spray directly on Karisma’s eyes. She was rushed into the nearby hospital and for prompt medication her eye was saved or else it could have met permanent damage. The individual was horrified to anticipate the aftermath for his callousness but Karisma Kapoor said nothing to that person instead she took his  side and told others not to make a big scene  because it was unintentional. Sound strikingly unfamiliar  so far Karisma’s temperamental attitudes are known to everyone. Maybe there were ample reasons to be temperamental  but nobody bothered about that. This very incident at least slightly can reveal her compassionate side to the rest of the world. She had ample ground to react but she did not do it as she knew it could put that very person into trouble. Some incidents really came to us as an  eye opener for sure.

This Aussies can be beaten by this Indian team………………

If India could adapt a proper strategy right from the beginning and calculate ahead  all the “what, if, then, but ” together its a sure shot that they could enter into the final. They have to work out against Maxwell to resist him within 30-40 runs. They have to be extremely good in the field [ can learn it from recent Aussie Pak clash where drop catches played havoc for Pak ], non stop conversation among  the teammates about improvisation of the game at any given time of the match[ while fielding]………….good running between wickets………careful shots, accurate reflexes all will be counted if they are really serious to play the final. All the best to the team India. Good Luck.:)