Sankhu Project #1

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Originally posted on Jet Setter Josh:

On Friday the 14th, I had my first day with All Hands in Nepal. I had met one of the local coordinators on Wednesday afternoon at the designated meeting place to sign some paperwork and discuss the daily routine, yet really had no idea what to expect from the sites, the work and the people.

Waking bright and early on Friday morning to the family rooster (this thing doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going, this mornings call happened to be 4am), I lay in bed and thought about what the day could entail and the type of people I would be meeting. I eventually got up around 5:30, packed a bag and made my way downstairs to where a huge breakfast was kindly waiting for me.

Just after 6:30, one of the family housekeepers (Navres) kindly accompanied me out the door and up the street to the…

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Early morning monsoon flooding in Bhaktapur


dont know how to react after watching this !

Originally posted on Bowen to Bangladesh:

The Hanumante River flows through the city of Bhaktapur which is located 8 miles east of Kathmandu.  Due to severe monsoon rains, it broke it’s banks early yesterday morning, leaving much damage and devastation.

Over 850 people displaced by the earthquakes, live in the Maheshwari playground in temporary shelters.  As you can see, what little they had after the earthquakes, has now been lost by the flooding of the area.  Our thoughts and prayers are with these folks.

Video credit:  Setopati Online.” target=”_blank”>

Nikita, SIRC’s Program Coordinator took the following photos of her home town of Bhaktapur, fortunately her family home was not affected by the floods.

Photo credit Nikita Kayastha Photo credit Nikita Kayastha

Photo credit Nikita Kayastha Photo credit Nikita Kayastha

Photo credit Nikita Kayastha Photo credit Nikita Kayastha

Photo credit Nikita Kayastha Photo credit Nikita Kayastha

A landslide also blocked the Araniko Highway east of Kathmandu, which meant the SIRC staff bus could not drive to the facility …. they hiked…

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August Update, Project Site: Nargarkot, Nepal

Originally posted on Backpacking 4 Betty:

In order to hit the ground running, I am working with groups through October whom I have been in contact with before leaving the States. This allows me to implement the project with trusted help and improve it before settling down in Pokhara to complete larger projects.  During the first week of August, I partnered with Charon Dhoju from MeetNepal.  Meet Nepal is a tour company run out of Kathmandu.  They provided relief to multiple areas after the earthquake and have continued projects focused on education and hygiene. (Their work is listed on the bottom of the blogpost.)

What we did-

We went to 10 schools in and around Nargarkot, a village and Village Development Committee located 32 km east of Kathmandu, Nepal in Bhaktapur District in the Bagmati Zone. We distributed 15 water filters, Hygiene booklets, and 5 1000l water tanks.  At the schools we installed the filters, shared…

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Cycling the Pyrenées for Nepal’s Earthquake Victims

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Originally posted on Chikashi Miyamoto:

Akshaya Patra

From the 17th to 21st of September 2015, I will be taking part in the Atlantic-to-the-Mediterranean cycling challenge to support the Akshaya Patra Foundation’s Nepal Earthquake Fund. Akshaya Patra operate kitchens in Nepal to provide food to the victims of the devastating earthquakes this year.

Over 5 days, the cycling challenge will cover 720 km (447 miles) of distance and 11,000 m (36,000 ft) of climbs encompassing some of the most challenging mountain passes featured in previous Tour de France routes. Our route will closely follow the ‘Randonneur’ version of the Raid Pyrenéen, from Hendaye on the Atlantic coast near the Spanish border to Cerbère on the Mediterranean coast. I am aiming to raise £20,000 / $30,000 / €24,000 for the Nepal Kitchen Fund.

Nepal ranks 145th of 187 countries on the Human Development Index (2014). In April a large earthquake devastated the country that…

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Nepal four months on

Originally posted on Tales and Wanderings:

Once a village perched up on a terraced hill in the valley, the earthquake changed everything for this community, 150 strong who are now displaced in Jorpati, an urban area just outside of Boudhanath, itself just outside of Kathmandu. A tiny piece of land which they have been able to rent for 6 months in an urban environment is all they have today. Exactly four months ago, the big earthquake of Nepal wiped out their village with the landslides it created. Today, it is not possible to return or rebuild. The terrain has been changed forever and there will now always be a risk of more of the land coming down during heavy rains. The small piece of land in Jorpati is now home to this whole village, who from the countryside have had to get used to urban living, it’s diseases and its cultural codes. Nineteen shelters (one of…

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