Zubeidaa: Karisma’s masterpiece…………..a little more about her


Karisma’s Zubeidaa was an absolute delicate movie with all the masterstrokes added into it. Right from Director Shyam Benegal, Rekha’s acting as Mandi didi Manoj Bajpayee’s subtle yet powerful role , Lillette Dubey’s small yet important character play  Rehman’s music  and overall Karisma’s powerful and passionate acting all made the movie a wonderful saga of love , romance, passion and betrayal. Karisma looked drop dead gorgeous in the movie throughout. This is all about the movie …………..here I will tell a small incident which took place in the set of the movie. Many of you must have heard about it still I want to mention it once more. In between the shots Karisma was re-doing her make up while unwillingly and absolute unintentionally  one individual of the make up crew sprayed deo spray directly on Karisma’s eyes. She was rushed into the nearby hospital and for prompt medication her eye was saved or else it could have met permanent damage. The individual was horrified to anticipate the aftermath for his callousness but Karisma Kapoor said nothing to that person instead she took his  side and told others not to make a big scene  because it was unintentional. Sound strikingly unfamiliar  so far Karisma’s temperamental attitudes are known to everyone. Maybe there were ample reasons to be temperamental  but nobody bothered about that. This very incident at least slightly can reveal her compassionate side to the rest of the world. She had ample ground to react but she did not do it as she knew it could put that very person into trouble. Some incidents really came to us as an  eye opener for sure.

This Aussies can be beaten by this Indian team………………

If India could adapt a proper strategy right from the beginning and calculate ahead  all the “what, if, then, but ” together its a sure shot that they could enter into the final. They have to work out against Maxwell to resist him within 30-40 runs. They have to be extremely good in the field [ can learn it from recent Aussie Pak clash where drop catches played havoc for Pak ], non stop conversation among  the teammates about improvisation of the game at any given time of the match[ while fielding]………….good running between wickets………careful shots, accurate reflexes all will be counted if they are really serious to play the final. All the best to the team India. Good Luck.:)

Its all about Devilliers [AB] and Aquarius : predictably unpredictable :)

Thought to go for a prolonged hibernation since finding no inspiration around for further scribbling. Was scrolling some sport news here and there, suddenly I discovered Ab Devillers self contradictory statement. Few days back after the disastrous loss against Pakistan Devillers lamented that it might be an overestimation of his team members ability which brought two loss in a row. We were pretty okay with the statement since it happens quite often when players perform under-weather. Suddenly after three days De Villers jumped out with all his enthusiasm and claimed that he has got the best team so far cricket is concerned. I know this sport news has found a handsome amount of gigglers. I got the hunch after reading the news and found that my hunch is correct……………..he is an Aquarius. Who else can jeopardize like this way with his statement. Its the time which can tell which statement was an inflated one the former or the latter? :D Best of luck to the protean.