Gavaskar and a token of one rupee…………….

It was an old interview………………on the age of durdarshan once this interview of Gavaskar was telecasted. Gavaskar was discussing about his achievements, his accolades his awards etc………….among them he told he has a very special collection which he kept as a memento…………it was a token rupee. Gavaskar was once in the West Indian tour. Test match was playing between India and West Indies. I am sorry not to mention the exact match and the year and the player played. India was fielding………… of the batsman on the pitch was on his way towards  the century. Game was going on……….Gavaskar was fielding on the  boundary. One fan came and asked Gavaskar for an autograph. Gavaskar signed and returned the autograph book, the fan paused for a while then he asked Gavaskar “do you think the batsman on the crease would be able to knock his century?” Gavaskar nodded “yes, why not he is batting so well”. “Well……..paused the gentleman and said “if I said he wont?” Gavaskar exclaimed and asked “how could you say so?” The fan smiled silently and said “let’s have a guess now” he said, “if the batsman knocks his century , sir you give me a token of one rupee which I will keep it with me forever but if the batsman could not reach his century I will give you a token of  rupee.” He smiled again and kept silent. Gavaskar was a bit confused and annoyed even. He thought the fan must be wanting to impress him thats why he is saying all this. He kept silent. After a short while, the batsman who was almost towards his century , got out. The entire stadium was super silent. Gavaskar thought the fan has gone. But surprisingly enough the fan appeared once more and gave Gavaskar a token of one rupee and said “the batsman was not making run, he was chasing his century.” Gavaskar was dumbfounded. He told on that interview that he kept that token of rupee for his reminder that a non cricketer can have much knowledge about cricket than what they think. 🙂  And this small piece of writing is a small token of gratitude to this legend on his birthday.  [ either the batsman was on his nineties, or just one shot away from his century…… that I cannot say accurately because it was long back ]