India offers to facilitate airlift of aviation turbine fuel to Nepal


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indo-nepalNew Delhi : Nepal and India are trying to bridge the gap and remove blockages of land routes caused between the two countries due to anti-constitution agitations from Nepalese side after their new constitution took shape. In a latest move, India has agreed to facilitate airlift of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) to Nepal and bring respite from the supply shortage.

China, on the other hand, has agreed and extended its facilities to supply oil to Nepal, a move taken before India, which itself has put India on a position of discomfort and raised concerns. In the wake of China agreeing to supply oil to Nepal, India on Friday offered to airlift Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) to the Himalayan country to beat the ongoing blockade on the border.

Reacting cautiously to the agreement between Nepal and China for oil supplies, India expressed its deep concerns and said its impact…

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I believe………

Today I am a little dumbfounded………. like many, I too want to know was India diplomatically competent enough to handle the raised Nepal India relation recently[ whichever policy both the country  had undertaken previously it could have been amended in the time of emergency] ? Just for some immature stubbornness things are tilting in favor of China………could not India be a little more lenient and considerate towards Nepal or the political know hows are more important than humanitarian cause? Is it the right gesture to protrude in front of the rest of the World? Why SAARC’s intervention has not been introduced? Hope India has all the answers for this action.

October Volunteer of the Month

Winrock Volunteers

Winrock’s October Volunteer of the Month is Dr. Archie Devore, a dairy expert who completed a USAID Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) assignment in Nepal earlier this year. Archie is one of those individuals that doesn’t just work on his assignment and then go back to “business as usual” at home. Case in point: he raised $1200 to support a young man in Nepal after the massive earthquake in April.

“I started getting email and Facebook messages from my contacts in Nepal within six hours of the tragic earthquake that occurred on April 25. Some were from the staff at Winrock, but most were from my host and the young men that I worked with while on assignment. I was particularly touched by messages from Uddab Dahal, the young man who served me meals while I was staying at the Himalayan Horizons Hotel during the assignment,” Archie explains.

“He wrote me that he lost his…

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Fascinating Insight into a Totally Different Culture at PASHUPATINATH TEMPLE

My Yellow Suitcase

Designated as UNESCO World Heritage site, the Pashupatinath temple is one of the most celebrated pilgrimage destinations in Nepal.  This enormous structure is nestled on a hillside beside the banks of the Bagmati River, which ultimately joins the holy river Ganges. The Bagmati River has highly sacred status for Hindus, and it is believed that taking a bath in Bagmati River releases one from all sins, thus the banks are lined with many bathing spots for the pilgrims.

pashupatinath panoramic view

Panoramic view  of the Pashupatinath Temple 


Marigold flower for sale at the entrance of the temple.

The main temple houses the sacred “linga” or holy symbol of Shiva  by which only Hindu are allowed to enter.  For a non-Hindu, like me, a good view of the temple can be observe from the hill which is situated on the other side of the river. The western bank of Bagmati also hosts the  Panch Deval (Five temples) complex, which once…

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Christen ~ Nepal’s Needs Are Ongoing

Karma Documentary

What can you do to help?

Visit: The number one thing you can do to help Nepal is to travel to see it for yourself. So much of what is needed in Nepal revolves around influxes of tourism. Almost every way of life in Nepal is affected by the ups and downs of tourism. This is not in the budget for all people, so…

Donate: Even small donations help us work towards getting out their story with the film and to send money to the individuals and families we know it will benefit most. If you have checked your coffee fund, your rainy day fund, and even scoured the couch cushions and there is nothing to be found that you can spare…

Share: Help get this out in your networks, where it can reach other people that can help.

If we all do what we can when we can do…

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