Horizontal growth is much more important than the vertical one

It is seen that people have a tendency to tend towards vertical growth as it is speedy and less time consuming and easier whereas horizontal growth takes a lot of time but its truly worthy in the long run. It needs patience, perseverance, huge energy more dedication but the growth is substantial. It needs a lot of base work, ground work, strategy, planning, lots and lots of man power………………this kind of growth structure is much ┬ámore money generating , it gives much better industrial growth, better agricultural growth, broader educational scope and many more things. This way only we can say a progressive state can grow. Only one sector of people are growing higher and higher and rest of the things are getting lesser importance and gradually people have declined interest towards them, this cannot be said as a healthy growth structure.Vertical growth is limited in a certain sphere whereas horizontal growth has a broad wide spectrum where the possibility of progress is unlimited. In the vertical structure growth people’s mindset also become very narrow and meager……………….they only believe in their own selfish interest and ignore the rest of the society, money is not a constraint these days, and there are endless educational opportunity with which anybody can have a high bucks job, luxurious lives, early settlements, family, kids, cars, apartments huge bank balances, shares and other assets within a short span everybody is acquiring all these things and life become saturated after a certain point of time. Where are those visionary leaders? Who will make us understand that this kind of growth can only lead to explosion the higher the graph the higher the chances of downfall because ground work is not at all existed in vertical growth. It cannot be a base of an industry, it cannot be a base of state where not only few lakhs people’s interest is involved where crores and crores of people’s interest is involved. All our investors, industrialists, are aware about what I have written so far, but everybody is after easy growth, easy money, nobody is there to wait for another 20-25 years even a few more to see or visualize a steady progress everywhere. In this growth structure agro based industry is much more affected. We all are forgetting that food is the main source of energy, the first living resource for any human being. If we ignore all these facts sooner the human civilization will be at the doorstep of destruction.