No Gas / Blackmarket Price / We Are Not Bending  


Since over 2 month the conflict between India and Nepal defines the life’s of it’s people. Hardly any gas is available and if yes: you need to line up for days! The gas containers get only filled half and cost around 700RS now. Blackmarket price is 7000Rs.

The pictures speak for themselves! This is a scandal after what the country went through: the earthquake devistation and trauma. For sure not helping the rebuild of Nepal.

In case you wonder what this is all about:

The distributed firewood is the alternative to the gas cooking. You can see open fireplaces all over the city even in staircases. I saw a big barrel of petroleum in a private room. The smell was so strong that it was hard for me to stay in the room for even 3 min., a room that is used by 3 young men to sleep….😞

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