Its all about Devilliers [AB] and Aquarius : predictably unpredictable :)

Thought to go for a prolonged hibernation since finding no inspiration around for further scribbling. Was scrolling some sport news here and there, suddenly I discovered Ab Devillers self contradictory statement. Few days back after the disastrous loss against Pakistan Devillers lamented that it might be an overestimation of his team members ability which brought two loss in a row. We were pretty okay with the statement since it happens quite often when players perform under-weather. Suddenly after three days De Villers jumped out with all his enthusiasm and claimed that he has got the best team so far cricket is concerned. I know this sport news has found a handsome amount of gigglers. I got the hunch after reading the news and found that my hunch is correct……………..he is an Aquarius. Who else can jeopardize like this way with his statement. Its the time which can tell which statement was an inflated one the former or the latter? 😀 Best of luck to the protean.


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