Trafficking in India – Issues, Legal Framework and Challenges


Authors – Abhijeet Gupta & Aditi Khera


Human trafficking is a widespread problem with estimates ranging from 1.7- 2 million woman/children trafficked from India. This hidden population involves the commercial sex industry, agriculture, factories, hotel and restaurant businesses, domestic workers, marriage brokers, and some adoption firms. The paper begins with an introduction as to what trafficking is and goes on to present an overview of what we currently know and don’t know about the extent and nature of this crime in relation to its various manifestations. It also discusses legal recognition of and current responses to trafficking.  The paper concludes by asking where the focus on trafficking is heading, and if it will be supported in future by more robust policies and legal framework.


What is Trafficking-? 

Going by the dictionary meaning, “trafficking” means   trade in something that should not be traded in. Therefore, we have terms like…

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